Time to rethink how your brand
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BR-ND believes that happy and inspired people - inside & outside your organization - drive growth, not only in financial terms. We are an Amsterdam based boutique firm. We create brands that are meaningful to people. We provide consulting on brand & portfolio strategy, create brand expression and internal & employer branding. Read more...

People are the Brand

Corporate values must mirror human drives as we believe that growth results from jointly pursuing a positive and sustainable purpose. We specialize in ‘emotive’, because we think business should be more human. Although most CEO's know that their brand is vital to success, many forget to apply an inspiring social process to bring out, define and cultivate the identity, so it can touch people’s hearts.

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Think Emotive

23plusone is our emotive language. Starting point was that behavior is driven by how you make people feel. Intuitively people pursue 24 fundamental drives, such as friendship, curiosity, winning, health and sexuality. Touching people in the full spectrum of their feelings evokes happy feelings, a sense of belonging and drives behavior.

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Tech Empowers

We use state-of-art web based tools. They provide for insight, inspiration and social engagement. All of them include 23plusone as the red line. With these tools we can tap into collective intelligence and create internal engagement in order to make people aware and stimulate behavioral change. 

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Boutique Firm

BR-ND is specialized in emotive transformation. We help teams and organizations by meaningfully connecting them and by making their brands matter to people. We aim for happy relationships between our client and their stakeholders through all services, including purpose, culture, values, strategy and expression.

Boutique Firm 


The things we vigorously believe in, what drives our behavior, thinking and pride. We did not invent these overnight, they literally grew upon us over the last couple of years.

Our Heartbeats 



We use state-of-art mobile and web based tools and surveys. Provides for insight, inspiration and social engagement. All of them include 23plusone as emotive language inside.


Collaborative online platform to engage in dialogue with all your stakeholders. A closed accessible and safe place where everybody can engage in the discussion on purpose, values and behavior. Various surveys, games and posts will stir up the discussion. Imaginary persona like the Fox, Jester and Panda will become your friend in the conversation.  


Happiness Scan

Happiness metrics of people in your team or organization. Happy people are more motivated and do a better job. Discover individual and collective drives and increase your performance by increasing happiness. Including individual reports and pointers how to boost happiness with positive behavior. 


Online brand experience that reveals the current identity and future ambitions of your organization as perceived by your employees. Grasping the cognitive and emotional dynamics at individual, work, organizational and brand level. Engages all people involved, through their active participation in the branding process.

The findings inspire us to craft appealing brands based on the organization identity. Feeding the results back to the organization in a compelling way is possible through all internal media. A valuable tool for decision-making on the integration of companies after a merger or acquisition, providing insights into the identities of the merging organizations


Your stakeholders are part of your brand. To understand the image of your organization, ask them. To shape the future of your organization, engage them. To be successful, inspire them. Make them your true ambassadors. Invite your clients, your suppliers, prospects, friends, maybe even your hairdresser to the BR-ND Outsider. Anyone who has a stake in your business. Anyone you want to treat like a special person. 

The Outsider is a unique research and engagement tool that reveals how your brand makes people feel. Their needs. Your relationship. What they experience now and what they wish for. The BR-ND Outsider is intuitive, fun, quick and engaging. Results in high engagement and insightful information. 

Brand Fan

Tool visualizing current and future brand portfolios and brand architecture. Complexity made simple. So that portfolio strategy decisions are easily made and progress monitored. Model is based on the dynamic relationship between the degree of dominance of other (sub)brands, category names and propositions.

The dynamic relationship is important, since, in practice, brand portfolios are never static. It translates complicated portfolio management into a comprehensible and practical instrument for branding and non-branding professionals throughout the organization.

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Brand Kitchen

Pushes co-creation of strategic direction to new levels. Different from conventional strategy development as it builds on multiple sources of intelligence. Learn and create together, get more inspiring results faster and have more fun on the go. Blend input from the Insider and Outsider with inspiring stimuli while we follow gaming principles.

Both conscious and subconscious intelligence is ignited to develop appealing brand recipes. Identify the emotive core of your organization in such a way that it really touches the heart. Gaming elements eliminate undesirable dynamics such as politics and rank, motivational downers and diminished engagement. Facilitates groups from nine to fifteen persons during one or two day workshops.

Cooking under pressure is efficient, effective and fun at the same time.

Clients & Cases

Our work is both national and international. Services and consumer goods. Commercial and not for profit. B2C and B2B. What unites our clients is that they seek maverick ways to ignite meaning leading to positive action.

Here the most recent ones, click to see our case studies.



The BR-ND Team is a flexible lean organization with a core team operating from our amazing office DeXXX in Amsterdam. Based on project requirements, we compose expert teams from 23plusone Friends. Be prepared for an active bunch with happy vibes.